HMS Victory

aka Flagship of the First Sea Lord

Bureaucrat Founder
  • I live in Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, UK
  • I was born on May 7
  • My occupation is Museum ship, flagship, warship
  • I am The world's oldest commissioned warship!
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== Friends ==
#[[User:Toy Chica1963|Turio]]. Possibly the first friend of mine, and is insane yet very creative. Talented of making pixel sprites.
#[[User:PBEgaming|PBE]]. A very friendly user and great theorist. Creator of the FNaCG series.
#[[User:An Persunn| NotanUser]]. A person who started asking me question's on my wall. He then asked if I could be his friend.
#[[User:Animal Lover 4080|Animal Lover 4080]]. Possibly my first female friend. She asked if I could befriend her when I asked a question on her wall.
#[[User:TheBaldEagle|TheBaldEagle]]. Gave him a turtle. Added me on friends list.
#[[User:Tyrannosaurus_dude11| Tyrannosaurus dude11]]. I don't know why I didn't add him to my friends list earlier. Well here he is!
#[[User:Dismantled_Foxy_The_Pirate_(New_Account)| DFTP]]. A guy who wanted to be on my friends list.
#[[User:Harley_JQker| Harley JQker]]. A person who left a message on my wall. I then asked if I could be friends with her. In which she gladly accepted (I think...)
#[[User:The Mega Shark| The Mega Shark]] A friend of mine IRL!
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|-| Accounts=
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[[User:HMS Victory a ship| Original profile.]]
[[User:Santisima Trinidad| Back up account.]]
[[User:Phantom bare endoskeleton| PBE's original account.]]
[[User:Captain Chief 117| My other account.]]
|-| My pages =
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[[User:HMS Victory/HMS Victory| HMS Victory's]] page.
[[User:HMS Victory/The Test Chamber...| The Test Chamber...]]

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